Monday, June 28, 2010

Bad Bike Rack Placement #2

I'm starting see a trend here with Publix and bike racks. The first one being the bike rack being used as a barrier for propane tanks. The picture below I took this afternoon at the Publix on Old St. Augustine Rd. and I-95.

This may not be the fault of Publix but more on the side of property owners. Despite my preference to see more bike racks placed in front and center locations like this and not in the back of business by the trash cans and grease pits. This rack is placed in the back third of a standard parking space and is not visible until a driver is already turning into the spot. The space itself doesn't have any markings or signage to separate it from all the other spaces other than the bike rack. The rack as you can see from the picture above has had to suffer more than one attempt from cars to push it out of the way. Presumably so the owner of the vehicle doing the pushing can get the back half of their vehicle that is blocking the roadway out of the way. And when the rack refuses to move the vehicle owners give up like the one pictured above and goes on with their day, inconveniencing everyone that needs to walk or drive past their car and any cyclists that would like to use the rack for its intended purpose.

Do you know of other poorly placed bike racks around Jacksonville? Send us some pictures, the location details and why you think it needs to spotlighted and we'll post them here. Our email is [email protected]