Thursday, June 24, 2010

Business Spotlight: Kabre' Cyntanna Hair Studio

This is our first attempt at Bike jax to feature a local business that offers specials to cyclists. Instead of doing the same old boring picture of the front of business and then posting emailed responses to questions. We thought we would give video a try. The Video is shot with my cell phone camera and the built in isight on my macbook pro. It is very blair witch like in that video and audio are very raw. And since I also happen to be visible during the interview, it happen to be quite frightening, but hopefully this video doesn't suck as much as the actual movie.

The business featured here is Kabre' Cyntanna Hair Studio at 2706 Park st.. We had heard that they offer a 50% discount on haircuts to anyone that arrives by bike and wanted find out more. Check out the video below and then call 904.329.2860 to make an appointment for your next cut and save some dough.

If you know of any local business that offers any type of special to cyclists please let us at Bike Jax know about them.

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Jeremiah Russell said...

So, Matt, did you take advantage of the discount and get hooked up with a hair cut or are you still sportin' the long hair? ;)