Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Season 3: New Sponsors, New Additude & Free Beer

The 3rd season of Riverside Arts Market open this Saturday the 5th and I have to admit that for the majority of 2010 season I was burned out. Just plain old sick and tired of being the bike guy. Despite my lack luster attitude I showed up and ran the Riverside Arts Market Free Bike Valet every Saturday whether I wanted to or not. And you know what? The Bike Valet flourished.

The Bike Valet parked two and half times more bikes than it did it's first year. As the year progressed we saw a steady increase to our daily averages each month. But the most surprising number to me was 73%. That is the number of people that used the bike valet and made purchases from the markets venders. What is more interesting is that number may even be higher as those that left the bike valet without purchases in baskets or panniers, may have enjoyed lunch or snacks from any of the numerous food vendors at the market and didn't have anything to ride home with except a full belly.

Since the close of season 2 this past december I have been in hibernation mode which left my friends calling and texting as to my condition and whereabouts with each art or social event I missed. I just really needed some time to myself to recharge my batteries. During that time I had also been doing a little planning for this the 3rd season of The Bike Valet. We have new sponsors and promotions which I've been excited about and have been waiting patently to tell you and I think It's time for some introductions to the new Bike Valet Sponsors.

Alex of The Bicycle Clinic has been a supporter of Bike Jax since he first started working as a mobile repair shop. He has come a long way since then and now has his own store front located on Philips Hwy. He has some of the best quality and affordable bikes to be found anywhere. He also has a full range accessories and he is still offering repairs and tuneups at more than reasonable costs.

Intuition Ale Works in Riverside has stepped up in a big way. That bike valet voucher on your bike now has more value than just letting us know which bike is yours. You can now take that voucher each Saturday to Intuition Ale Works Brewery and enjoy a free pint of one their many tasty treats. Free bike parking and free beer. You can't really ask for more than that.

LakeShore Bicycle & Fitness has been a Jacksonville staple since 1961. The Fetzer family took over the shop in 1980 and has been selling bicycles, parts & accessories and providing top flight service in the Lakeshore area since. We are proud to have them as a sponsor of the Bike Valet.

Nestliving recently relocated from 5 Points across the river to a new giant show room in San Marco. Not only do they offer some of the finest designer products for the home. The are also the only place in Jacksonville to find Batavus & Abici bicycles.

Nestliving has also donated 15 of Andrew Lang's popular Cycloc Storage Unit. These wall mounted bike storage units have won numerous awards and are great for space saving and/or displaying your bicycle.

The Cycloc units usually cost $100 retail - but for Bike Jax readers (and while supplies last!!) you can have one for $50. All of the proceeds go towards the cost of running the Bike Valet at RAM.

You can purchase them at the discounted price through the Bike Jax Store. Hurry color and quantity are limited.

Personalized Bike Plates as many of you know are the suppliers of our Bike Jax Tags. We are happy to have them on board as a sponsor this year. Give their website a browse and check out what can be done to make your own tags or make one as gift. They can pretty much make whatever you can think of.

I hope you will all welcome and support the bike valet sponsors by clearing your calendars and make plans to attend the opening of the Riverside Arts Market this Saturday the 5th.

Oh yeah, we will still be offer $10 complete bike detailing each and every Saturday. We will also have Bike Jax Tags available which we also now can take payment in the form of any major credit card for any purchase at the bike valet.