Monday, December 6, 2010

Conversation with an Engineer

This little video by a new group called Strong Towns exemplifies most conversations I've had with both city and state planners and engineers concerning how and why they do what they do.

It would also explain the copious amount of forehead size holes in various rooms throughout my house.


Dacius said...

I agree. That was a deeply frustrating video. Mainly because you can see the ridiculous reasoning our city planners in jax.

Anonymous said...

while funny to a point, unless you work in Civil Engineering as I have for nearly 40 years, you must have no comprehension of what engineers do.
Especially if the Engineer works for a private company working under the direction and restrictions of a government entity like the City.
Clear zones 99.9% of the time are for interstates and similar 4 lane highways, which already contain wide rights-of-way, and the cute little dialog of the video is thus totally bogus

As a fellow biker I wish I could talk every gov't entity into widening streets or more importantly adding standalone bike trails paralleling the road. But even when those exist...guess what I see? yep, the stubborn biker who in effect might as well be saying "those are for sissies, I ride on the road!". So, to that moron I say then STFU if you get hit when there is an alternative, but you insist on trying to ride with automobiles. When the road must be shared because there is no alternative lanes, then thats where the focus of bike groups like yours should point their attention.