Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Good Life & The Culture of Fear.

Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize gives a Ted-Talk on Bicycles as transportation and the culture fear that surrounds them.

I'm not going add anything to this other than to state, that I agree with just about everything Mikael has to say. I firmly believe that marketing is the key to successful advocacy and that the use of a helmet or not should be left to the individual.


Frederick Wright said...

+1 on that sentiment!

I was at the airport on Monday being forced to listen to Fear Monger News Network, so I got to hear a 30 minute long story about how an alcohol-laced whipped cream product was going to kill all our children and so must be banned. Sigh.

Why are people, of every political orientation, so eager to hand over their rights and their parental responsibilities to government?

DragonSphere said...

I disagree I believe we do need helmets. The reason I believe this because I have heard of animals and people running into bicycles which cause the bicyclist to hit their heads. In some of these cases it has been fatal for cyclist. Anyway I intend to keep wearing my helmet. I just hope that others realize that it's not bicycles for the reason of the helmets it is the environment around you. However there shouldn't need to be laws that unfairly require bicyclist to wear helmets when they do not require far more dangerous activities such as swimming with sharks at the beach.