Monday, June 28, 2010

Bad Bike Rack Placement #2

I'm starting see a trend here with Publix and bike racks. The first one being the bike rack being used as a barrier for propane tanks. The picture below I took this afternoon at the Publix on Old St. Augustine Rd. and I-95.

This may not be the fault of Publix but more on the side of property owners. Despite my preference to see more bike racks placed in front and center locations like this and not in the back of business by the trash cans and grease pits. This rack is placed in the back third of a standard parking space and is not visible until a driver is already turning into the spot. The space itself doesn't have any markings or signage to separate it from all the other spaces other than the bike rack. The rack as you can see from the picture above has had to suffer more than one attempt from cars to push it out of the way. Presumably so the owner of the vehicle doing the pushing can get the back half of their vehicle that is blocking the roadway out of the way. And when the rack refuses to move the vehicle owners give up like the one pictured above and goes on with their day, inconveniencing everyone that needs to walk or drive past their car and any cyclists that would like to use the rack for its intended purpose.

Do you know of other poorly placed bike racks around Jacksonville? Send us some pictures, the location details and why you think it needs to spotlighted and we'll post them here. Our email is [email protected]

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Business Spotlight: Kabre' Cyntanna Hair Studio

This is our first attempt at Bike jax to feature a local business that offers specials to cyclists. Instead of doing the same old boring picture of the front of business and then posting emailed responses to questions. We thought we would give video a try. The Video is shot with my cell phone camera and the built in isight on my macbook pro. It is very blair witch like in that video and audio are very raw. And since I also happen to be visible during the interview, it happen to be quite frightening, but hopefully this video doesn't suck as much as the actual movie.

The business featured here is Kabre' Cyntanna Hair Studio at 2706 Park st.. We had heard that they offer a 50% discount on haircuts to anyone that arrives by bike and wanted find out more. Check out the video below and then call 904.329.2860 to make an appointment for your next cut and save some dough.

If you know of any local business that offers any type of special to cyclists please let us at Bike Jax know about them.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Street Art Scanvenger Hunt

We are excited to announce that Five Points Theater is bringing to Jacksonville a film by world renowned street artist Banksy, Exit Through The Gift Shop. Urban Jacksonville Weekly will be broadcasting live at the theater for the opening on June 24th.

Join Bike Jax This Saturday for the Street Art Scavenger Hunt.

6 winners will receive passes for free admission to the film.
Everyone that participates in the scavenger hunt will receive a certificate for a free beer compliments of Five Points Theater.

How the Scavenger Hunt Works:
It’s really quite simple, you will be given a clue sheet to a location of the art where you will photograph what you find. Each item on the list will have point value. Winners will be determined by total points and time at finish.

You will need:
A Bike and a Camera or phone with Camera