Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Rides

Just wanted to remind you of a couple rides happening this weekend. However, I thought I would first share this nice little video to set the flavor of the rides.

Both rides are taking place on Sunday.

The first up is, The Best Friends Ride #20 which takes place every last Sunday of the month. It sometime has a fun theme that may include dress or place. It is a very fun and casual ride through Riverside, Downtown and Avondale neighborhoods. Drinks and food at local joint to follow ride.

Meet at Birdies (Sign still says Starlight) in Five Points at 2pm.

The Second ride of the day is the every Sunday Cycle Chic Jacksonville ride out at Jacksonville Beach.

Meet at Champion Cycling at 5pm for some Florida style on bikes with a bunch of really nice beach folks. Drinks and food at local joint to follow ride.

Both rides are a come-as-you-are celebration of people and bicycles. No lycra, no helmets, just people living life on bikes the way its meant to be.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mondays Suck

Saw this poor guy downtown on Bay St. while on my way to the bank this morning. I did go over to make sure he had everything he needed. Hope his day improved.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Bicycle Clinic's New Home

I think it's great to see the sponsors of Bike Jax doing so well in a not so good economy and even less friendly bike friendly city.

ZenCog bikes are all over Riverside. I'm seeing It's a Girl Thing cycling clothes in more bike shops and clothing boutiques

But I think that Alex of the Bicycle Clinic has had phenomenal success since we first met him in November of last year.

He has worked his way from a van to commercial storage units and now into a store front located on Phillips hwy. between Baymeadows and Mandarin. Bikes are a simple machine and by following the same principle of keeping it simple. Alex has build a steadily growing clientele by providing quality repair service at reasonable prices. Couple that service along with affordable used bikes and a line of new bikes by 3G and Vilano. Alex has also not forgotten where he came from, The Bicycle Clinic still offers complete mobile bicycle repair.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Designs & More Options

I've added a couple new T-Shirt designs over the weekend that I've been sitting on for sometime with the hope that we at Bike Jax would be able to produce them ourselves. That hope has faded and rather than shelve the designs any longer. I have redesigned the Bike Jax Store to showcase each design along with a few of the items that are brandished with each design.

I have made all the designs available through CafePress and admittedly the items are bit more expensive through them. But I figure coupled with the quality of the printing and the wide variety of clothing styles and sizes. Also add the numerous non clothing products, there should be something for just about everyone.

The Bike Jax logo & "I Bike Jax" designs have proven very popular. Building on those with one advocacy minded and one more, lets say, 'humorous' design. I would like to present, Bike There & Sex Machine.

Both designs are transparent so the color of the clothing shows through.

See all the designs at the Bike Jax Store.