Friday, July 16, 2010

Cycle Chic Jacksonville

In 2006 Mikael Colville-Anderson started a photoblog in his home city of Copenhagen, Denmark with the following simple line, "This is a photoblog about everyday life in Copenhagen and a tribute to the cyclists who populate this city." I don't think he had any idea of the worldwide phenomenon he was about to create with the launch of Copenhagen Cycling Chic. There are now close to 100 "Collaboraters & Copycats" from just about every country and major city listed on Copenhagen Cycling Chic site.

I would like you all to meet Katie who has joined the cycling chic revolution with the launch of Cycling Chic Jacksonville and is kicking things off this Sunday at 5pm with Cycling Chic Sundays.

I Had the opportunity to ask Katie a few questions about Cycling Chic Jacksonville and her plans for it.

Bike Jax: Who are you and why are you starting Cycling Chic Jacksonville?

Katie: Katie Barnes, 20-something young woman who adores bicycles and the people & culture surrounding velocipedes. I recently launched

While working at Champion Cycling in Jacksonville Beach over the past few months, I have seen our Tuesday road rides grow from 3 people to nearly 30. It's so exciting to watch people come together over a shared interest. I thought it was time to reach out to a different crowd... a crowd who

loves to ride bikes, but at a slower and more relaxed pace. When I started researching groups of beach cruiser riders, I came across Cycle Chic Sundays. Cycle Chic Sundays started at the beginning of this year with a group of friends in Southern California who wanted to cycle in style together. Inspired by the Cycle Chic movement, the goal is to "enjoy time with friends and make new ones while riding bikes and looking chic."

The pictures that Cycle Chic Sundays has posted on their blog are so refreshing. You instantly notice the vibrant clothes and patterns, and everyone looks full of youthful energy in their vintage dresses and sun hats. Many of the pictures show guys and gals goofing off and simply enjoying a Sunday afternoon on their favorite mode of transportation.

Bike Jax: What are you hoping to accomplish with Cycle Chic Jacksonville and will your focus be within the beaches area of town?

Katie: My hopes are to: a.) bring all sorts of people together b.) promote cycling and bring awareness to bicycles in Jacksonville c.) demonstrate that you don't have to wear spandex and use clipless pedals to to be considered a "cyclist."

Right now, our rides are at the beach. I would love to start a second Cycle Chic Sundays Jacksonville in the Urban Core. Any volunteers??

Bike Jax: Do you think Jax is ready for some style on bikes or are jorts and dirty tees going to reign as the standard?

Katie: If Jacksonville can support so many wonderful and chic boutiques and vintage stores, I think we can definitely support activities while being stylish. Besides, aren't "jorts" and ripped tees quite in vogue right now??

Bike Jax: Do the beaches tend to be more stylish when it comes to bike fashion than those in the urban core?

Katie: Not "more stylish"... perhaps just a different type of style. At the bike shop in Jacksonville Beach, I constantly have customers looking for unique accessories and custom painted bikes. From what I have seen on Bike Jax and Zombie Bikes, there are definitely some epic bikes in the urban core that are tricked out with accessories, components, and stellar paint jobs.

A big difference would be "cruisers" at the beach VS "fixies" in the urban core. Thus, accessories would be geared more toward those different types of bikes (for example, wicker baskets VS messenger bags).

As far as fashion goes, I shop at the beach and in town, and I know loads of beach dwellers who also enjoy shopping in town. With so many magazines, blogs, and other internet sites devoted to fashion, I believe no matter where you live, you have access to fashionable finds at friendly prices. At the beach you might see more women in dresses on bicycles simply because after a day on the beach, its easier to slip a dress over a bathing suit.

Bike Jax: Anything else you would like to add?

Katie: Any and all community support is greatly appreciated! Put on your Sunday best and join us at 5pm Sunday at Champion Cycling in Jacksonville Beach, 1303 N Third St.Stops include Lemon Bar, so bring i.d.

One thing is for sure, you will have a grand time!

Ideas for attire: * sun dress * twill shorts * ballet flats * flowy skirt

* plaid shorts * vintage * loafers * heels

* flat cap * fedora * Hawaiian shirt (this is Jax BEACH, afterall!)


Thanks Katie, If you would to join in on Cycling Chic Sundays meet:

Sunday July 18th 5pm

Champions Cycling

1303 N Third St, Jacksonville Beach

And if you missed the link above here again is the link to Cycle Chic Jacksonville. please add it your RSS feeds or bookmark it. It is long past time for Jacksonville to learn that they already own a closet full of cycling clothes.


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