Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Status Quo

Not much has changed since the the start of Bike Jax. We're still banging away at getting the lowly bicycle recognized as more than a toy or sporting goods.

Since the start of Bike Jax we have promoted a more passive advocacy style. We have chosen to promote programs and events that encourage people to get on their bike and ride from point A to point B and back and let them figure out for themselves how easy and more enjoyable their trip had been.

We have also stated from the beginning that the key to getting more people on bikes is not advocacy, but marketing.

In keeping with that thought process, here's a great ad by Dutch bike manufacture Batavus.

Translation via: Copenhagen Cycling Chic

"Hey neighbour... ESP, ABS, fog lamps, 16 inch rims and 6 gears."

The neighbour says: "28 inch rims, 8 gears, high power lights and computer integrated in the steering. My wife and daughter have the same."


Jeremiah Russell said...

it's nice that we can disagree on every single political philosophy, but on cycling transportation we can happily agree.

Bike Jax said...

That statement is so very true Jeremiah. But with every election I lose a little more faith in this country and its people. Don't be surprised if you click on this blog at some point and it reads Bike Belize. :)

Jeremiah Russell said...

ha! Hey, I wouldn't blame you. Politicians of every ilk have screwed the American people for years while lining their own pockets with our money. We're all after change. We're just waiting for the one guy to step up and start the process with results. So far, that hasn't happened on either side of the aisle.
I may just pack it up and move to France. At least in France I know what to expect. And the food is better. :)