Thursday, April 14, 2011

Police Search for Driver Involved in Fatal Hit & Run

St Johns County Sheriff''s are searching for the vehicle and a driver that fatally stuck 23-year-old Bryan Wrigley in St. Augustine yesterday afternoon at 3:20.

Wrigley was riding westbound on Country road 214 Between I-95 and Country Road 13A when he was struck by the passing vehicle.

Witnesses tell police the vehicle was a dark blue Ford Ranger with extended cab. Investigators state that the truck should have damage to the front of the truck on the drivers side.

If you have any information on the vehicle or driver of the vehicle please contact the St. Johns Sheriff's Office at 904-824-8304.

Video via First Coast News.


JohnnyK said...

This is so sad :( I was just out that way last Sunday on the CF Cycle for Life ride.

JohnnyK said...

Have they found the person yet? I think they should just sit out on that road and wait and pull every blue Pickup until they find the person responsible.

Ben said...

Is there a cultural undercurrent in Florida related to the high bicyclist death rates there? THeories?