Monday, November 23, 2009

I Bike Jax Fever Catching On

I just received an email that contained this cell phone image of the back of a JSO car sporting an "I Bike Jax" sticker.

The fever is catching on. Get your gear here and here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Couple For The Weekend

Here are a couple of videos that are the darlings of bike webs this week.

Hipsters Discussing Cyclocross

This next one may require the use of earbuds or headphones if you're at work.

All You Haters Can Suck My Balls

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bikevember Fest at Riverside Arts Market

Tomorrow is Bikevemfest at the Riverside Arts Market. We'll have everything you could need bicycle related. We'll have bikes of all styles and sizes on display and available for test rides from area bike shops. Cycling specific clothing and hand made bicycle art and jewelry from local artists. There will also be free bicycle checkups and repairs provided by the Bicycle Clinic. And of course we will have all the free safe and secure bike parking you'll ever need with the bike valet.

Still want more?

At 3pm Join the Tour of St. Johns Fun Ride. (ave. not county) All proceeds are to benefit Lee High School where the ride will officially start and end. A group will be gathering at the RAM bike valet and riding over to the start at 2pm.

Don't live within the Urban Core but still want to ride your bike to RAM and be part of all the bike goodness. Here are some options.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Spotted At Riverside Arts Market

City Council member Don Redman sporting his "I Bike Jax" tee around the Riverside Market this past Saturday.

Still don't have yours yet? You can order line HERE for $12. Or you can pick up one every Saturday through December 19th at the BIke Valet in the Riverside Arts Market for $10.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Bicycle Clinic - Bring the repair shop to you

Despite the mechanical simplicity of the bicycle. They all still to need to receive some periodic TLC. So what do you do when your bike needs a new part or the gears adjusted? Most load up their bike on the car and drive to the local bike shop.

But what if kids, work and any of life's other multitude of commitments don't allow the time to go to a bike shop? Your sweet ride ends up sitting in a corner of the house or shuffled around in the garage until you can find the time.

What if your bike is your only source of transportation and you can't live without your bike for a couple of days. Most people can't, and your local bike shop sure as hell ain't in the business of giving out service loaners.

This is where the Bicycle Clinic mobile bike repair shines. Alex Milicic grew up in Croatia and later moved to Germany where he spent several years learning the trade of bicycle repair and maintenance before immigrating to Jacksonville. After moving to Jacksonville, Alex spent a few years working with a local bike shop where he saw a need for mobile repair after repeatedly listening to customers complain about their trials and tribulations with getting their bikes to the shop for repair.

One thing that really stood out for me upon meeting Alex is his commitment and love of bicycles. And unlike certain local shops, you will not get an attitude if your bike happens to be a POS from one of the big box stores. Alex will happily put it in top condition. "A well tuned bike is a safe and happy bike" is all you'll hear from Alex.

His prices are more than reasonable. He will come to your home or place of business and do a complete $45 tune up that includes:

  • Inspection and adjustment of all components to assure they functioning correctly

  • Inflating tires to proper pressure

  • Lubrication of chain, hubs, headset (if needed)

  • Adjustment of brakes and gears

  • Inspection of Cables and housings

  • True wheels
And should your sweet ride require replacement parts you pay only for the part. All labor is included at no extra charge. And don't think Alex is limited to just basic tuneups. The Bicycle Clinic mobile shop is equipped to handle everything from the simplest flat repair to the most complex frame build up.

And here's the kicker, The Bicycle Clinic is available 7 days week from 8 am to 8 pm. And also offers after hours emergency service.

To help introduce Alex and his great service he will be setting at the Riverside Arts Market Bike Valet (Which is free by the way) to do free bike checkups this Saturday (11/14) and the following Saturday (11/21). Come by get your bike some love.

You can find more information and contact Alex and The Bicycle Clinic through his site.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jacksonville: The Honors Keep Rolling In.

On October the 19th The League of American Bicyclists release their list of Fall 2009 Bicycle Friendly Communities. And Jacksonville was included at the bottom of the list with an Honorable Mention.

Really? Jacksonville a bicycle friendly community? Weren't we just recently denied that distinction by the same group? Ok, so Jax is not officially a bicycle friendly city. But, to paraphrase a quote from Monty Python's Holy Grail, according to the League of American Bicyclists, "We Got Better."

When asked, Meghan Cahill, Director of Communications for the League of American Bicyclists cited the following as justification for the Honorable Mention:

"Highlights of the application included the 3’ passing law promoted on signage on JTA transit vehicles; a good percentage of roads with bicycle accommodations like bike lanes; the Bicycle Safety & Helmet Promotion Bike Fair in all 111 schools and the Mayor’s yearly Bike Month Proclamation."

"Kernan BV Recreational Path extension, Talbot Island - Timucuan Bike Trail extension. (Bike Jax Note: Timucuan Bike Trail is dead until additional funding can be found and is also solely for recreational use.)

FCMPO Commuter Services Program

Bike to Work day promotions

JTA Bikes on Buses program

Traffic skills 101 classes"

Which appears to be an impressive list of accomplishments. That is until you actually try and ride your bike somewhere only to find yourself stymied by bridges you can't access or frustrated by the fragments of bike lanes that disappear as fast as they appear while being honked, yelled, threatened and overall abused by Jacksonville drivers. Is Jacksonville worthy of even a Honorable Mention as a Bicycle Friendly Community? I personally don't think so. Will it ever be? Yes, it will. I know the people working to make it so. And if those same people are allowed to follow through by our city and state leaders, I think in the next five to ten years Jacksonville will become a very friendly city towards those that wish to bike to work, shopping or play.