Thursday, September 9, 2010

$10 Bike Detailing Now Available at RAM Bike Valet

For two seasons now Bike Jax has been happy to provide safe and secure free bike parking to the patrons of the Riverside Arts Market. Bike Jax like every other advocacy group is continually seeking funding sources, but we are uncomfortable and unwilling to beg for it since we understand how tight everyones budget is. We would rather provide something of value for our supporters. Bike Jax is happy to announce that we have teamed up with the Bicycle Clinic to offer complete Bicycle Detailing. Not only can you relax knowing that your bike is being is being watched over. You can now go and enjoy all that RAM has to offer and make that ride home with your baked goods, veggies and local art on a spotless and shiny bike.

Complete Detailing Includes:

  • Environmental Friendly Waterless Cleaning of:
  • The Chain, Entire drive train, Front & Rear Derailleurs, Hubs, Rims, Frame, Spokes & the Cassette.
  • Lubing of Drive Train
  • Polishing of Frame (all frame materials) to give that showroom finish.

All for $10 every Saturday at the Riverside Arts Market Free Bike Valet.

Don't have the time to get your bike done on Saturday's? Live too far away from the Arts Market? We'll come to your home or business and detail your ride during the week. $20
Call Matt at 904.335.8166 for an Appointment.

Need more than just a clean and shiny bike? Not a problem. Alex of the Bicycle Clinic is offering a

$49.95 Bicycle Detail & Tune-up Special

It includes:

  • The Complete Bicycle Detail Listed above Plus:
  • Same day service
  • Free Pick Up & Delivery
  • Replace all Cables
  • Adjustment of brakes and gears
  • Inspection and adjustment of all components to assure they functioning correctly
  • Inflating tires to proper pressure
  • Lubrication of hubs, headset (if needed)
  • Inspection of Cables housings
  • True wheels

Call Alex at 904.422.1144 for details and arrangements.