Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Designs & More Options

I've added a couple new T-Shirt designs over the weekend that I've been sitting on for sometime with the hope that we at Bike Jax would be able to produce them ourselves. That hope has faded and rather than shelve the designs any longer. I have redesigned the Bike Jax Store to showcase each design along with a few of the items that are brandished with each design.

I have made all the designs available through CafePress and admittedly the items are bit more expensive through them. But I figure coupled with the quality of the printing and the wide variety of clothing styles and sizes. Also add the numerous non clothing products, there should be something for just about everyone.

The Bike Jax logo & "I Bike Jax" designs have proven very popular. Building on those with one advocacy minded and one more, lets say, 'humorous' design. I would like to present, Bike There & Sex Machine.

Both designs are transparent so the color of the clothing shows through.

See all the designs at the Bike Jax Store.