Monday, October 11, 2010

Zombie Hosting Ladies Night

There is one thing that is hard to deny about the women I know that use their bikes as transportation. They are some of the most independent, outgoing, confident and enjoyable to be around people that you will ever meet.

If you are a lady and want to get hands on and learn how to repair and maintain your bike in a relaxed (male free) and comfortable setting from other like-minded ladies. Make plans to attend Ladies Night at Zombie Bike Collective. There is no cost to attend.


Purplebike said...

Why is all the stuff I want to attend on Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday nights?

A better question is: Why didn't I just marry rich, so I could have every night off, never have to grade papers, and attend any ole event I fancied, any time?

Oh, wait! I know the answer! Because the thought of being a trophy wife makes me want to hurl.

Wait...where was I...Oh! I know!

Why can't cool events like this be on the weekends?!

Ten four, over and out. KP

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Ha! I'll say!!!