Monday, March 5, 2012

Tweed Ride Pics

We had a busy weekend at Bike Jax with the opening of our 4th season of bike valet services at Riverside Arts Market on Saturday and our 1st Annual(?) Tweed Ride Sunday. Both were very well attended and near perfect weather for both days. Nice and warm on Saturday, cool and windy for the dapper ladies and gentleman in tweed.

The Tweed ride went so well, that those in attendance requested it be twice a year instead of just the once.
We at Bike Jax are all ears, give us some feedback and let us know if you'd like to enjoy a Tweed Ride for the Spring and Fall seasons.

Below are a pictures I captured. If you attended the ride and have pictures you'd like to share, just tag Bike Jax on Facebook. Thank to everyone that came out for the event.

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Jenny said...

Yes, indeed, twice a year! - Jenny