Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tweeting Your Way Around Jacksonville

With the rise in popularity of Twitter. It's many uses are becoming more and more apparent for quick communication and the sharing of realtime information. And we here at Bike Jax thought Twitter would be perfect for locals cyclist to connect before, during and after the ride and maybe even help each other out in those times of need.

In our never ending string of brilliance we have created CycleJax. If you're already on Twitter you know what to do.
If you are not yet on the Twitter rampage, it's a simple signup which requires little more than you picking a name and password. Then a couple more click to set up your cell phone to Twit out your text messages while out on rides.

Please make sure you add hash-tag #cyclejax to your post so they can be found.

  • Need help finding the best routes? Tweet it out!
  • Did you just stumble across a scenic place to ride and want to share a picture? Tweet it out!
  • Want to know where the best food or coffee joints are along your ride? Tweet it out!
  • Looking for a riding partner or a group to join? Again, Tweet it out.
  • Got a group ride or cycling event to announce? Yep, you got it. Tweet it out!
  • Broke down roadside? Too bad, you suck. Ha, just kidding. Tweet it out and maybe find some help.

Please make sure you add hash-tag


to your post so they can be found.

Don't forget to follow Bike Jax on Twitter also.


Ohmboy said...

Bikers should use this tool to enter the license plate and description of vehicles that almost hit them, purposely do brush-by's, throw objects (including curse words), and generally act aggressively to a law abiding bike rider. If we start collectively reporting and publicly posting these morons, maybe behavior can be modified.
That is my hope to make JAX streets safer for all of us. TWEET the offenders!