Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Action Wipes - Bike Valet Tested

A couple of months ago I received a package in the mail that contained something called "Action Wipes."

Being the male person I am, my mind automatically started flipping through the adult section of one-liners in my mental rolodex looking for any and everything that could relate to the term Action Wipes. After my own personal Beavis and Butthead moment of amusement I put them up in a safe place for the time being. I thought it best to wait until the warmth and humidity of Florida returned to test these things out.

In all fairness to Martha Van of Life Elements, creator and founder of Action Wipes. I had read reviews about the product on many other cycling and outdoor related blogs and sites so I already had a fair idea of what the wipes were and what they could do. Still, you know you have try out any product with a tag line of, "Your face is not a baby's butt. Don't wipe it like one!"

I won't bore you with all the little nonessential details. You don't really need to know that Action Wipes are all natural, washable and recyclable. You probably don't care that unlike those cheap store bought baby wipes, that Action Wipes contain no alcohol. You'll most likely figure out on your own that these wipes contain 100% pure tea tree and eucalyptus oils that leave your skin feeling not only clean but refreshed, and not all dried out like those cheap baby wipes. You don't need to know those things. So I just won't bother telling you.

Like I stated above, I had read about Action Wipes on various other blogs and websites. I already knew how they worked for cyclists here and here. I also knew how they faired for campers and kayakers.

But how would they stand up to the riggers and dangers in a world that is...Bike Valet. (Dum-da-Dummm)

I bet your wondering right now what makes being a bike valet so dangerous. Beside the fact that we wear white shirts around grease covered bikes. We have to park upwards of a hundred bikes. While the vast majority of the bikes owners are very cool and fun to deal with. There comes the occasional lycra covered she-devil screaming "don't hurt my Ruby" with every step you take while putting their carbonfiber machine in place. And if your choose to park that bike in a place not suitable for that bike, well you will suffer a wrath of which I wish on no one.

We also on occasion get asked to make minor adjustments to a bike. We are more than happy to add some air to your tires or tweak your brakes or shifting if needed. And in doing do we tend to make contact with the more grease laden parts of the bike. Which provided the perfect opportunity to put Action Wipes to the test.

Before the cleaning with an Action Wipe.

After the Cleaning with an Action Wipe.

As you can see from the pictures above the Action Wipes were totally up to the riggers and dangers that the world of Bike Valet imposes. And if they can take that kind of torture. Rest assured they will handle anything that you may need them for.

If you haven't seen any of the 20 or so links above. You can find Action Wipes here.

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Flappers Alley said...

I loved the before and after shots, very convincing. :D