Friday, April 23, 2010

Bicyclist Injured in Ponte Vedra Hit-And-Run

It appears that this lady (Andrea Zampatti of Ga) went bat-shit crazy this morning while driving her Range Rover hitting one cyclist (condition unknown) and according to the Times-Union, "Witnesses told troopers the vehicle took aim at other cyclists and a scooter rider who ended up in a ditch."

When the police caught up with her, she pulled over, "And then she put it in reverse and plowed into the front of the patrol car." tells St. Johns County Sheriff's Public Information Officer Kevin Kelshaw. She then took the police on a high speed chase where she hit several other vehicles and objects along the roadway before she hit a truck head on.

I'm happy to learn that the cyclist was air lifted to Shands Hospital in Jacksonville where they're being treated for injuries that are not life-threatening.

I was also provided information this evening about the driver. I was given her Facebook which lists her website. She is apparently into the dishing out of pain. Her website is a t-shirt shirt company called 39X. Her site describes their clothing as, "Christian lifestyle clothing line catering to Christian athletes of all sports such as boxing, mma, surfing, basketball, skating, football and other sports. 39x was created to bring a wholesome yet stylish type of clothing to the world and represent the true meaning of love and dedication through Christ's ultimate sacrifice."

It goes on to explains the name of company; "Jesus in his last day was whipped 39 times. The lashings were brutal and painful. 39X is a reminder of that pain. He endured those lashings so that we may be saved."

Gotta love those christians that will make a buck off other christians by talking-the-talk, but don't walk-the-walk.

Read full story on Times-Uhion.


Anonymous said...

Wow! People are just nuts, plain and simple. Would this be attempted murder? Assault with a deadly weapon? There should be no leniency for this type of recklessness. It's why I took my bike out to the Jax-Baldwin trail this morning...all the way in from the beach.


Anonymous said...

I am relieved the injured cyclist will recover. Police need to set an example and send a stern message to motorists about sharing the road. Unfortunately this chick was a nut-job. But also the "Lance Armstrong Wannabes" need to obey the rules of the road too, as they are riding their group rides. Heck they are not even courteous to fellow riders. Most of these idiots just go past you without warning you that they are coming up to you. Anyway, cyclists everywhere: be defensive and be aware of your surroundings.

Anonymous said...

First glad to hear the cyclist injuries are not life threatening. I wish him well. I agree with the comment on the "Lance Wannabe's". Most of them have bad form anyway. Just ride guys, enjoy it. And obey the rules.

–Racer X

Anonymous said...

More NEWS on the Whack-Job Crazy Chick.

And after smashing a mailbox on Ponte Vedra Boulevard, the driver ran down a 65-year-old bicyclist on Palm Valley Road and "drove in circles around the injured cyclist and was laughing at him," police said.

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