Friday, April 3, 2009

Bike Valet Live Twitter Feed

Join Bike Jax as we do some Tweeting from Riverside Arts Market and the Bike Valet location. Let others know what your doing at RAM and what you think about the Bike Valet. Just add hash-tag #bikevalet to your tweets o see them on the live feed here on Bike Jax.

On your way and need some info or directions? Drop us a direct message at @bikejax or @abhishek_m.


Anonymous said...

I did not bring my bike but did go to the market. It looks like it was a success - I had a peak at the bike valet, I'd feel confident leaving my bike with them, they appear to have taken care when handling/storing the bikes

9a is my backyard said...

Great job you guys! I rode over around 11:45 and there were bikes all over. The Bike Jax valet was full and just about every bike post at the entrances to the market were full. There had to have been 100-150 bikes parked all together. It was a pleasant sight and a lot of people were out.