Thursday, April 16, 2009

High-Speed Rail - Is Jacksonville Out of the Loop?

Earlier today President Obama announced his administrations plans for High-Speed Rail throughout our great nation. I posted a map of the purposed High-Speed Corridors back in February that shows (as does the one above) a corridor coming into and out of Jacksonville.

But while a lot of rail talk in jacksonville is going on in the local media and local blogs. There seems to be a massive void in the talk about rail coming from local leaders.

And I'm afraid that if our local leaders don't pull their collective heads out their collective asses. We (Jacksonville) are going to find ourselves out of the loop on not only the greatest transportation enhancement this country has untaken in decades. But also out of the loop on what could be the biggest shot in the arm for Downtown redevelopment this city will ever get.

You can read more Obama's plan at The White House Blog. Or if you prefer you can watch the announcement via CSPAN here.

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Thomas Lester said...

I hope we haven't already missed it. I was furious when our local officials voted down the high speed rail from Jax to the south.

What can we do? I feel like no one is listening and they are NOT acting in our best interest.

I'm sick of it. Seriously... What can we do? Tell me, and I'll do it. It makes me sick that we are a "grey" line on that map. Just sick!