Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finding Some Style Over Speed Wtih Abici Bikes

Tried of waiting for local bike shops to get a clue. Nest Living owner Shaan Batten has taken it upon himself to bring sensible and stylish bikes to Jacksonville.

Nest Living opened in its current Five Points location just over year ago and has since been the goto place for coolest and latest in home lifestyle fashions.

What better way is there to enhance your lifestyle than on the back of a beautiful Italian made Abici bicycle?

The Nest Living website lists a full line of the Granturismo (single speed) and Sveltina models (internal 8-speed) of Abici bikes.

Shaan told me over the phone he expects the first shipment of bikes around the beginning of May. He also offers free shipping on orders outside of Jacksonville. We'll bring you more info and pictures once these outstanding bikes arrive.


Anonymous said...

where did shaan batten's hysterically shallow comment about how cool people who dress in cool brands like diesel and live in riverside will appreciate the status of this bike and pay the extra $500 for it since it will assuage their status anxiety if only for a moment? that was a classic one and so very telling. sorry to see it axed.


Bike Jax said...

Hmmm. Not sure where it went. I don't however remember it as being shallow. Nest Living has a reputation for stocking the highest quality and style in home furnishings.

I for one am also going to stand up applaud any local business that brings a stylish and high quality bike like Abici to Jacksonville. Even if they out of my price range.

nestliving said...

Did I actually say that?

I only remember saying that people who appreciate the quality of other Italian lifestyle brands such as diesel will appreciate ABICI.
These Bikes are beautifully made, wonderful machines and for the right person (myself included) a much better purchase than a Chinese made bicycle.



Anonymous said...

I think it's great that a store is going to sell these bikes in Jax. I for one would much prefer to ride a beautifully styled bike such as abici than one of those ugly Cannondale bikes (which are now made in china!) sold by that asshole that rips off customers who are not "in the know" over at city cycle.


Anonymous said...

I saw a guy riding around RAM on one of these today. I stopped and asked him about it and he told me nest living is selling them. I checked them out and I am so getting one. Superb!

Abdul Mannan said...

Hi, Hmmm, just great to hear this type of thing. Shaan, I bought Italian Bikes recently, really you are right, These Bikes are beautifully made, wonderful machines. Definitely, I think Italian Bikes are more beautiful than china bikes. Recommend to all