Girls On Bikes  

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the plethora of blogs that celebrate the females of our species and their two wheeled transport.

Recently a new blog called Girls On Bicycles has been the darling of the bike blog circuit. This new comer to ladies on bikes scene along with others like Bike Skirt, Chic Cyclist, Riding Pretty, Chicks and Bikes and the one that started it all Copenhagen Cycle Chic all have one thing in common. They all promote the positive image of woman riding bicycles. And the girls and women on bikes today are the mothers on bikes of tomorrow. And a mom on a bike usually leads to kids on bikes. Which means the potential of a future with more bike riders. And that is good thing.

With Spring in the air it's been impossible to not notice the abundance of ladies peddling around our fair city. I started thumbing thru the Bike Jax photo archives to find some of our Bike Jax Gals and thought it time to salute our ladies of two wheels. Click on the images for larger view.

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