Friday, September 11, 2009

Bike Jax in the News

This months EU Jacksonville has a nice article on Bike Jax. Pick up the free printed version at locations around town. Or, you can read it online HERE.

I highly suggest waiting until after you have eaten before reading. The guy pictured just may put you off food for an extended length of time otherwise.


Dottie said...

That's a wonderfully positive article. Congrats!

Ernie said...

Great article and thanks to you Abishak for being the voice of the community!

Abhishek said...

Thanks Ernie,
Matt is most of the voice though I step in to keep him in check ;)

Ernie said...

But you guys as a team really expose a lot of the 2-wheel community! Sorry I spelled your name wrong by the way, but I did remember to include you!

I am seeing more and more bike routes the more I ride so at least things are being considered in the road development and planning.(Yes I read the article a while back). It's just too bad the driver's around town have to think they're still superior and don't acknowledge the theory of "Share the Road" nor the 3' rule.

Grumpy Nerd said...

Wow from the looks of that pic I think homeboy should ride his bike more and talk about it less.