Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bike Jax Bike Bell Ringtone

Some projects just seem to get set aside for months at time for some reason or another. Then something comes along and reminds you about that long forgotten project. Today I got one of those reminders in the way of a post on Bike Pittsburgh where they released their "official" bike bell ringtone.

My first thought was, "cool". My second was, "hey I never did post the one I made." Why a bike bell ringtone? Can you think of any other sounds that are so friendly and recognizable. So here it is, the "offical" Bike Jax Bike Bell Ringtone.

Download Bike Jax Bike Bell Ringtone HERE (Or from the link in the sidebar)

You can now choose between two different chimes. Or be the first on your block to collect them all.

Download Bike Pittsburgh Bike Bell Rinetone HERE.

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