Quad-Vertising - Pedel Powered Ads  

Last Friday the above picture was posted on the The Urban Core National Gallery of Tumblr Museum.

Of course I had to call the number and see what this four-wheeled pedal powered billboard was about.

At the other end of the phone was Milton. After crushing my very fragile ego by not knowing about Bike Jax and having me explain who I was and what Bike Jax is. Not once, but twice. Milton seemed very happy to talk to me about his new pedal powered venture, Quad-Vertise.

What is and how does Quad-vertising work exactly?

Customers hire us to fly their banners in heavy pedestrian areas while we meet and greet potential customers and pass out flyers creating brand exposure. The idea is special in that we go where no sign has gone before.

What prompted you to start Quad-vertising?

The desire to produce an innovative outside the box method of advertising that was eco-friendly is what "prompted me to start Quad-vertise". I wanted to do something unique and affordable that could serve business owners an outdoor market media.

How long has the been company active and how is it being received?

We have officially become active this year and are currently breaking through a period of "market acceptance" but everyone is amazed when they see us coming down the road. We hope that this method of advertising will become more popular as time goes by.

What areas of town can someone expect see Quad-vertising?

Considering that our ad-bike can go where motor vehicles are not welcome, you will pretty much see us everywhere. For example, the Stadium, concerts, plays, etc. But, mainly the downtown area is where you can expect to see us.

How many bikes do you currently have and are they all quads?

1 on the road and looking to employ 6 more.

Are you now or will you be looking to hire additional riders?

Right now we are a small home-based business that is trying to expand as we receive market acceptance. We would love to hire people in the near future as we get busier. This would definitely be one of the healthier jobs a person could have as it has always been healthy for people to work with bicycles even dating back to the 1800's when rickshaws and trishaws were very popular among people who used these type of vehicles to produce an income.

If you have a product or brand and are looking for a unique new way to promote it. Give Quad-Vertise a call and let them pedal your product to the masses.

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