Friday, May 15, 2009

Woman's Ride VI "The Belly Ride"

Just got this in. For a change I'm not to blame for it's lateness. This is one ride that has the possibility of turning ugly fast. I predict, seconds after I show up in a half-shirt with my ultra sexy gut hanging out.

From the site Actionville:
"After consistent strong turnouts of women, we're dropping the "boys only with skirts" clause and want to make sure everyone is included. After all, this isn't (and never was) about superiority, what this is, is about inclusion. This is about dropping the macho, dropping the aggressiveness and promoting friendship. This is about getting on a bike (any bike bmx to cruiser) and having fun on a sweet themed ride. This is about winding through our city, about a mass of bikers on a Sunday afternoon, about waving to pedestrians and fellow traffic, about showing that, hey bikes exist too. This is and always will be about fun."

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