Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do We Really Need These?

As I rode thru downtown Jacksonville yesterday doing errands and killing time prior to being the guest on Urban Jacksonville Weekly.

I came across this Chilean Naval Ship docked along the Riverwalk. As I admired the majesty of a ship of this size. I couldn't help letting my dirty hippie leftist self seep out just a little and I found myself asking...


ChipSeal said...

That big ship behind the bike is necessary to fight evil minded despots so that most people in our country won't be harmed by them.

Do you think riding a bike makes one less susceptible to evil desires or something?

Abhishek said...


There may be one less war being fought to acquire footing in a country with oil (given the philosophy that bicycles can make us less dependent on oil, both domestic and foreign). That is till we find something else to fight about.

Jeremiah Russell said...

I "somewhat" agree with Shek, but then Chip makes the greatest point. Terrorists are going to attack a "free" nation no matter what the economic or political climate. "Terrorists" seek to instill terror and by that increase their power and control over a people. Simple as that.
If more people in America ride bikes, then, yes, we will be less dependent on foreign oil. But then, if the Liberal machine that is now our government would get their asses out of the way we could take advantage of the oil that we have right under our own feet and thus make us less dependent on foreign oil.
So, this begs the question, which do you think would happen first? That all Americans will suddenly wake up and say "oh my God I could just ride a bike 35 miles one way to work instead of driving my SUV", or that the government wakes up and starts moving in a direction that is right and just for the American people? I for one am less than hopeful on both fronts, but the smart money is on the latter, not the former.

Anonymous said...

I assumed what he meant by the captions was such a large weapons platform wouldn't be necessary to protect or fight for limited resources if the need for those resources wasn't so great. Considering most wars throughout history were not truely over religion or idealogy, but the aquistion of resources, it's a good point (albeit a little 'hippy').


Anonymous said...

lol some people are so naive, its called a navy and countries have used them for thousands of years to not only protect themselves, but ensure the safety of the seas for travel of goods, ideas, people, and generally make life better for everyone.

I'm sure those pirates off Africa would love less boats like these so they can hijack more of our ships carrying food aid to people whoses lives we can't possibly imagine.

Hippies crack me up.