Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Art Walk Farewell To Anna

Sorry for the long delays in posting. It's funny how that because of Bike Jax, I along with the help of many of you have been able to affect the start of real change in the bike community here in Jax. But the along with the work to make that change comes the downside of lots phone calls, emails and meetings. Which leaves little time for the thing that got me here in the first place.

This post is dedicated Anna Berken.

Anna was the first person to answer the call to arms when I needed some help with Bike Jax. She Has been a true friend to me and Bike Jax since. Anna is a graphic designer and you've seen her work via Bike Jax in the form of posters, flyers and the most bad-ass bike blog logo in the bike blog business. (Good god, hit me!) Anna currently hones her skills for the Florida-Times Union. That is until tomorrow, when she ends her reign as newspaper graphics goddess and heads west to start a new life chapter in Austin.

The First Wednesday Downtown Art Walk and Anna send off celebration took place yesterday. While I awaited Anna's arrival I thought I would wander the streets of Downtown Jacksonville and snap a few pictures in the hopes of convincing Anna to rethink her pending move.

Anna how likely are you to see a drum line lead by a seqway through the city center Austin?

Do you really expect to encounter a sexy gothic nurse in the company of an effeminate dragon-zebra-boy in Austin?

And if you did, would also be as surprised as I was to learn that a man can breath fire and not the dragon-zebra-boy?

And what about the bikes? Are you really expecting bikes to be in as much widespread daily use as we have here in Jax? Don't Answer. We already know the answer. We suck in comparison.

How could you possible leave this once a month goodness in Jacksonville for a daily dose in the city of Austin, TX? A city's who's motto I would like to remind you is, "Keep It Weird".

Anna here are few more images of your last Art Walk in Jax in slideshow form.

I guess your mind is made up Anna, and as you prepare to leave us for forever. I want to say how much you and that ever infectious smile of yours will be missed. Oh, one more thing I like to say, Dibs! I call dibs on the couch for next years SXSW.

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Anna said...

Thanks for reminding me of all the awesome things I will miss in Jacksonville - and I say that sans-sarcasm!

Oh, Jacksonville, how I love thee, let me count the ways:

-Opportunity: I really think there is unique opportunity here for individuals to shape the community. Even a complete stranger from wisconsin can come here and have their voice heard. That's an incredible power and gives a lot of agency to individuals to create change. You just can't get that in other cities.

-Activists: the people here who do take action to improve this community are just incredible. given that you are so few in numbers, it just goes to show that you are all the more amazing when you are able to make your ideas come to fruition.

-Mutability: this city is constantly adapting and changing and is still waiting for a definitive identity. it's easier to make this city into what you want it to be! sometimes only for a few months, a week, or just a single event (like the night ride). but it has the potential to be what you want it to be even if it doesn't stay that way.

-Inclusiveness: whether you like it or not, people quickly know who you are and you become involved in the social web of this place. it's impossible to be a stranger for long in this town

-Individuality: I remember going to the Pearl when I first moved here and a coworker pointed out the "jacksonville dance" - people flailing around as if they exist in little personal bubbles, not giving a shit if anyone thinks they look ridiculous. Maybe even trying to look ridiculous - but being themselves for the joy of it.

-Shantytown: best bar ever. 'nough said.

keep on keepin' on, jacksonville