Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Christian Thing To Do

I usually close out my Saturday night by enjoying one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Each Saturday night or I should say Sunday morning at the stoke of midnight a new batch of peoples deepest and sometimes darkest secrets are placed online at Post Secret.

Tonight was no different. As I read through each postcard I am sometimes amused, sometimes saddened. But what I rarely am is shocked. Tonight was one of those rare occasions.

I don't find it to shocking that a driver speaks or writes about their desire to run over a cyclist. All of us cyclist have felt, seen or heard the wrath of a put-upon driver. But I do find it more than a little shocking that someone would profess to these thoughts on their way church. But I guess that's just gods will.


cyclostu said...

Please do not let the action/comments of one misguided Christian speak for the whole. As someone who has ridden bikes for recreation and transportation for over 13 years (all of which I've lived in Jax) and as someone who tries to live out their Christian faith, I am appalled as a cyclist and a Christian. I guess I have 2 reasons to be offended.

I guess I comment to say beware of the generalizations. Just as not all Christians are out to hit cyclists with their car, not all cyclists are socially and/or environmentally minded.

JHop said...

Good grief, don't you recognize satire when you see it? I'm betting whoever drew that piece is on your side.

Abhishek said...

The post goes to show the hypocrisy in mankind today. For example, wars are a common occurence in every society of the world when almost all religions forbid killing of another man. They neither stop waging war nor stop following their religion.  

The confession on Post Secret, either real or manufactured, exposes the two faces of humans, the yin and yang, the good and evil. As all experienced cyclists know, the person honking, shouting, cursing, throwing things and attempting to run you over is a classic scum bag no matter what race, religion or sex. 

Keri said...

I'm inclined to think John is right on this. Fellow recreational cyclists have long complained that the church-goers are intolerant of cyclists... while we would otherwise enjoy a pleasant low-traffic ride on Sunday mornings.

Anonymous said...

bottom line slow down while driving & pay attention to what you are driving not talking on the phone

Anonymous said...

For Post Secret entries it is important to remember that we aren't supposed to judge the people who submit their secrets. This is supposed to be a safe place to admit to secrets they would never tell anyone. So while this secret is frustrating for bicyclists (like me) to see I never considered that they shouldn't send it in nor was I surprised to see it.