Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Commuter Profile - Donna Moore

It's been awhile since we have done a commuter profile. One of the things that providing the Bike Valet for the Riverside Arts Market (RAM) has done is allow us to meet cyclists from of every ilk and from every corner of Jax.

Meet Donna Moore. She has been one of the many weekly users of bike valet. She has been such a regular visitor to the bike valet that she is now one of our newest Bike Valet Volunteer and will being helping us out at RAM.

Donna is a transportation coordinator for H J Heinz, a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, along with being a member of Hands on Jacksonville.

What do you use your bike for?
Going to work

How often do you ride?
At least 6 days a week

How long have you been commuting by bicycle?
A month now

What would you say to convince someone who is considering commuting by bicycle to go for it?
My day at work is so much more enjoyable than before.

What could the city do to make biking better?
Make drivers aware of bike rules of the road.

What reaction do you get from co-workers?

What’s the best thing about commuting by bicycle?
Being outside

Can you give a brief description of your route?
From Riverside to Westside Industrial Park.

Where are your favorite places to bike in Jacksonville? Least favorite?
I love riding down to the landing, none yet.

What do you like about biking in Jacksonville? And dislike?
The weather is bearable, the darn headwinds.

Have you ever combined transit and biking or used a bus bike rack?

Do you commute in cycling or street clothing? And if cycling clothing, how to handle the change to street/work clothing? cycling clothing,
I work in a warehouse and wear a work uniform I just change at work.

Any bike gadget/gear cyclists should not go out without?
None yet.

Are you a member of any cycling organizations/clubs? If so, which ones? No

Favorite or Funny bike stories?
When I was young I did the old "run over the stick trick" yep, it stuck in my spokes and I went flying off.

Scary bike stories?

Anything else you would like to add?
Exercise is the Fountain of Youth

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