Thursday, October 29, 2009

Johnny Jones Ghost Bike Missing...Again

Bike Jax has just learned that the Johnny Jones Ghost Bike has yet again gone missing for the third time. We will of course replace it as soon as possible.

But a far sadder note than the missing ghost bike is the continued suffering and hardships faced by Johnny's widow and the business they started together. On talking with Cindy Jones today, I learned that she recently had to close the restaurant that she and Johnny had spent years building. "When a restaurant loses a chef of Johnny's caliber, it's hard to continue attracting the clientele you once did" say's Cindy Jones on the closing of their restaurant.

Upon closing the restaurant Cindy donated the entire kitchen to the Clara White's School of Culinary Arts a program Johnny helped set up.

The death of a cyclist doesn't stop effecting those in their life. In this case, Johnny's death continues to effect not only his wife, but his former employees, those who called the Genesis Cafe their special place and all those future chefs at the Clara White Mission who will never receive Johnny's mentoring.

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Watson said...

It seems that the sign on the Ghost Bike on Chaffee Road near Beaver Street/Highway 90 has fallen or been removed. Also, the link from the home page of this blog to the Google Map of Ghost Bikes seems to be broken. Thank you for these fantastic memorials. If you need someone in the area to affix the sign, it is just down the road from my workplace. I would be happy to do it.