Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bury Your Bike Two Pics

Due to Bike Jax's commitments to Riverside Arts Market I haven't had much time to spend at Bury Your BIke Two (BYB2).

Friday evening the Zombie gang Left the confines of Springfield in Critical Mass mode and I was lucky enough to grab a few shots as they rolled thru Five Point during the 1st Fridays shenanigans. See full set here.

Despite feeling like a baked potato after spending the previous six hours at the sunniest bike valet station in the nation. We stopped by the BBB Warehouse to see what was going with BYB2. We arrived to a mostly empty place as most were out terrorizing the streets of Downtown in the Zombie Chase Allycat. Here are a few of the images we got once they returned. See full set here.

I'm sorry I didn't have the time to spend on coverage of BYB2. Thankfully Tom P. was on the job and additional Pictures can found on JaxScene Here and Here. Pictures by Jack Diablo are Here.Video by JaxScene.Bury Your BIke Two

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jackdiablo said...

Nice pics dude, thanks for stopping by!