Thursday, June 18, 2009

Florida 43rd in Drivers Test State Rankings

I know that this is not news for anyone that has been on a bike in Florida. But it appears that Florida is once again bringing up the rear on a national listing. This time it's for knowledge of driving laws. GMAC Insurance has on it's site a 2009 National Drivers Test State Rankings Overview which lists Florida drivers near the bottom (43rd out of 51) for a basic understanding of the rules of the road.

I took the test and got a 100 percent and I'm not that bright. The questions are very remedial and common sense oriented.

Take The Test and see how well you do.


Abhishek said...

I only want to see police officers take that test.

Anonymous said...

While being 43rd sounds bad Florida's avg score is only 6 points or 1 missed question from the #1 spot.

d said...

I see all these bad drivers on the road when I'm riding my bike so maybe we should put more police on bikes to write tickets for those violations. I would like to push for ALL licensed individuals to take an actual drivig test, like we did when we first got our license, in order to get their license renewed. Bet there would be alot of people taking remedial driving class.All lof this could generate money for the city, get unsafe drivers off the road which would help lower insurance rates.

cafiend said...

Every applicant for a driver's license in any state should have had to use a bicycle for transportation for one full year before receiving a permit to drive a motor vehicle.

Punishment for every driving infraction should include a refresher of transportation cycling.