Friday, May 15, 2009

Call For Bike Valet Volunteers!

We are in need of few bike loving community service orientated souls to help us valet bikes for the Jacksonville Jazz Festival (May 22- 24) and the Riverside Arts Market (May 23rd).

As a Bike Jax Bike Valet you'll receive:

  • Free Admission to all the music stages of Jacksonville Jazz Festival.
  • Free Admission to Riverside Art Market
  • The admiration of the cycling public.
  • And last but lest, a few bucks for your effort via tips.

Yes, I know both the Jazz Fest. and RAM are free to everyone. But you'll get to enjoy them as a Bike Valet. It's like being a superhero. Just without the cape and silly tights. You'll be a bike god or goddess for the day. Crowds will part, beers will be drunk in your honor, (pick your preference for this next one) men will lust and women will swoon for you...The Bike Valet.

If you're interested in helping out or know someone that may be, send your or their contact info to: [email protected]

Or stop by and talk with us at the Bike Valet this Saturday during the Riverside Arts Market.

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