Saturday, March 15, 2008

Riding Green In Miami

"March is Bicycle Month in Florida! Find out how Miami-Dade transit can make your daily commute cleaner and greener!
Your daily commute can be cleaner and greener with the help of Miami-Dade Transit -- and pedal power! Elementary school teacher Mike Fleming's morning commute, by bike, bus and rail, has lessons for all of us. Follow Mike's daily journey, and get the scoop on bike passes and bus routes."

The above can found on the Miami-Dade site for this Video. It follows elementary school teacher Mike Fleming's morning commute by bike.

The thing you'll notice about this video is how well all types of mass transit in Miami work together. And most importantly how well it works with biking. JTA could learn a lot from the folks down there. Actually, JTA could learn a lot from not only Miami, but any city that is capable of stop times under 30 minutes. Instead of its current 60 minutes or more depending on the stop.

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