Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Bike Path Opens In St. Augustine

I was emailed the story of the opening of the bike trail from First Coast News WTLV (And what's up with their new logo? Could they make it look more like a religious organization?) from a reader of Bike Jax with the following comment. "I invite you to read all of the comments that were posted by the readers of the article."

I did. And now, I invite you to also do the same. I would also like you to notice the location of commentaries. Observe the the intellect of the responses from our region (with the exception of Melvin) as opposed to those from outside of it. It paints a pretty clear picture of the up hill battle cycling has in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

I would like to tell you more about the trail but I'm not sure that what I would tell you would be correct. I can't even tell you the length of said trail due to a typo in the original story. 

Here is what I gleaned from the story. It's either 3.2 or 33.2 miles long and is the first completed section of a planned 200 mile trail that will loop from St. Augustine to Palatka to Cape Canaveral and back to St. Augustine. The entire loop is planned to be complete by 2013.

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