Thursday, March 27, 2008

Keeping It Simple - The OSO bike

For a bike on the other end of the scale from the Giant Twist (See Previous Post) check out the OSO bike. If your familiar with the mantra, "Keep it simple stupid". That is exactly what OSO has done. This bike looks to have decent components on a Steel frame. And taking a page out of Mr. Ford's book. You can order your own OSO in any color you want as long it's white.

The best thing about the bike? The price. $385. Check it out for yourself. If you have been looking for an affordable street bike for recreation or commuting. The OSO Bike may be just the bike for you.

From the OSO site:

"The osobike is a mix between a cruiser and a road bike. It is simple and easy to maintain like a cruiser, but fast like a road bike. It has only one speed, so you can spend your time riding instead of thinking about what gear you should be in. There are no cables because the brake is in the pedals (coaster brake). The design is simple and modern. The wheels are narrow and high pressure. All of these features lead to a low maintenance bike that is a pleasure to ride and to view. The Osobike-- fast like a road bike, low maintenance like a cruiser."


laredoshane said...

Thank you for the free unsolisited plug for the osobike. It really is a nice bike. Pretty much everybody who test rides it likes it.
Shane stock

Bike Jax said...

You are welcome. It really does look like a very nice bike and I excited for it's release. And once you add in the price, it looks even nicer.

Please let me know if you ship any out this way. I would love to contact the purchaser and get a close up look and do a complete profile OSO.

Keep up the good work.