Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Americans are Cash Strapped, and Driving Less

A CNN-Money article today highlights a growing trend in the US. With gas prices soaring americans are driving less. The article relays the results of a recent national CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Wednesday.

"For some time we've been trying to determine the breaking point for when gas prices take their toll on the consumer," said John Kilduff, an energy analyst at the trading firm MF Global. "It appears we've found that point."
Well, I think they found it.

"If gasoline hits an average $4.50 a gallon Americans say they will reduce the miles they drive significantly enough to affect their daily lives.

If gasoline hits an average of $8 a gallon, Americans said they would quit driving altogether.

What is your breaking point? What price on a gallon of gas will finally have you throwing you leg over a bike and/or riding the bus?

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Second_Pancake said...

Any price. It's not money that causes me to break, but the effect on the environment and our own personal health, from the mining, the production, and the consumption of fossil fuels.

We (Americans) are fatter, more dumber (that gramatical error was intentional, btw), and more unhealthy than ever and I believe it's a direct correlation with our belief that gasoline-powered vehicles are a necessity if not a right, and the marketing of these and other effortless means of 'living' as needs. These are not needs, they are luxuries. If everyone would look at their bodies and recognize their naturally given appendenges as the means of transportation in and of themselves, and further, that the bicycle is an enhancement to them, then the world would be a better place to live for sure.