Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bike Boxes & Traffic School

Here are some of the things other communities are up to concerning cyclist.

In Portland, that haven of bicycle euphoria. After a series of fatal right hooks (drivers making right hand turns into cyclists) Portland responded not with the indignity that we as cyclist would be made to feel here in Jacksonville from our leaders and the public in general. Nope, the portland city leaders responded with Bike Boxes at 14 of the city's most dangerous intersections.  The boxes require that drivers stay back and ban right turns on red. While allowing the cyclist to take the lane at the intersection. Read More.

Bicycle Traffic School Debuts in Santa Cruz

Errant bicyclists, those who get ticketed for riding on the wrong side of the street or cruising through a stop sign, can now go to traffic school to avoid a hefty fine -- and pick up some safety pointers.

The Community Traffic Safety Coalition of Santa Cruz County has launched a program similar to the traffic schools motorists attend to prevent points from going on their record that allows cyclists to attend traffic school for $35. Attending the two-hour class allows bikers to escape paying a ticket, which can run $100 to $200. Read More

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