Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CSX - How Tomorrow Moves

Here is a new commercial from CSX.

Ummm CSX, that bicycle thing is exactly how the majority of world moves it's goods and services around it's city centers. In fact, even though you are headquartered here in Jax, I've not seen you move a single good or service through our streets.

And while we're on the topic of service. How about providing something in the way of lite or commuter rail seeing as you own all the track. I'm thinking that local and state governments would fall all over themselves to build stations and terminals if you announced that you were going to start adding passenger service. Being as you are already in the rail business, you could get passenger rail up and running for a fraction of the cost it would take to create one from scratch.

I'm just throwing that out there CSX. Chew it over and have your people get ahold of me if you really want to serve the community.


Shek said...

A good find and a good post.
CSX can stand to make a lot of money if they implement some kind of commuter rail. Another important line is the FEC line going to the sprawl neighborhoods of 210 and Intl. Golf Pkwy.

Metro Jacksonville has done a good job in proposing and documenting it.

Looking long term though, rail transport is the way to go. Trucking will keep dwindling due to the price of oil and peak oil. The subsidies on roads and gas will not work any more.

Archi-Phreak said...

Rail is the answer, bar none, hands down, game over end of discussion. The problem with CSX getting into passenger transit has already been discussed by the city and metrojax. CSX was going to lease the track to the city, but they wanted a clause in the contract absolving them of any responsibility should some "accident" occur on one of their lines. This is one point they refused to back down on and the city, obviously, would never go along with that, so it pretty much makes passenger rail in our city impossible on any kind of local scale.

Shek said...

I see a bright future...

Anonymous said...

@ archi-phreak:

Do you know when that discussion of leased rail lines was proposed to the city? Just curious. Who came first to the table with a request? Was the city seeking to expand rail transport, or was CSX initiating the deal?