Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bike Art

The Bike Art show opening was a great way to kick off the The Night Ride. I spent the entire night in complete amazement of not only the wonderful art that is displayed. But also the number of people that filed through Flux Gallery all night.

Make sure you put visiting the show on your to-do-list during The Night Ride.

We have had to up date and change some of the films that will be showing both during the and the evening schedule. Three of the films arrived damaged. They have been replaced with the help Joey over at Urban Jacksonville and we are happy to showing "Pedal".

The film Klunkerz never arrived. Bu thanks to the guys over at Bicycles Etc., I was able to borrow a copy from them. Thank you to both Urban Jacksonville and Bicycle Etc. for al your help.

For a complete film listing and times, go HERE.


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry that the copy I sent never arrived. I'm glad you were able to obtain a copy. I gotta get some more shops close to you carry my video! Have a good screening and let me know how it goes.
Ride on,
Billy Savage

Michele said...

I want to hit myself now for not getting my paintings back so they could be in the show. Everyone's art looks so awesome!

Bike Jax said...

Michele, I'm sorry you weren't in the show also. But, you now have a whole year to prepare for next years show.