Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bike The Vote & Bikes Aren't Rocket Science

Bike To Vote info:
We are just going to try to meet up and try to vote as a group, makes waiting in line and getting out and voting easier. We are going to meet at Zombie Bikes around 3pm (try to be there on time the election office closes at 5pm) and we're going to walk, drive, preferably bike 1.1miles to the Supervisors of Election Office on Monroe and vote. You will need a drivers license or photo id.

Directions from Zombie to Elections Office.

Why Early Vote?

1. By voting early you help out yourself. There will be no need for inordinate amounts of stress if something goes wrong on election day. Car trouble? Lost wallet? Extra work? Well, if you've voted early it's no worse than any other day. And, you avoid the long lines (and oh, will they be long)! This also frees up your time on election day if you must work/pick up the kids/anything at all.

2. By voting early you help other people out. Every election year democrats are forced to go to court to keep voting places open because lines are long and there just never seem to be enough poll workers. Or the republicans seem to have devoted too few resources to large democratic counties. By voting early, you can alleviate some of the strain on your polling place.

3.You can help the campaign out. If you vote early, you can spend election day volunteering (if you have the time). Making calls to GOTV, driving people to polling places, being a poll worker, etc.. Your work on election day will have a huge return on investment.

4.It's a lot harder for corrupt politicians to magic your vote away.

What do I need to vote early?

All you need to do is show up with your current photo and signature ID.

More info on early voting in Duval.

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Bikes Aren't Rocket Science
Photo by Madeleine

An excerpt from a recent post on Art Isn't Rocket Science a local blog by Madeleine that is worth the read if you don't already have in your feeds.

"More and more, I find myself obsessed with bikes. Perhaps it is because of the change in weather, because instead of bolting from house to air-conditioned car, I find myself making up excuses to lug out my bike"

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