Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Start Your Own Pedicab Service

Just a couple weeks ago I wrote about Jax Bike Taxi starting up service in Jacksonville. Now on Craig's List I find someone in Orlando selling a couple of pedicabs. Can Jacksonville support more than one pedicab service?

Click on the image for full size.

Craig's List Pedicab Link


Jax Bike Taxi said...

As the owner of Jacksonville's only pedicab service I believe that there is room for my people to add their pedicabs to the streets, especially in downtown. I own WhyWalk Pedicabs now and would suggest not investing in them. I have had nothing but problems with them. Their only advantage is their price tag which is much lower than othe cabs out there. For those seriously considering a pedicab puchase I would recommend looking at Main Steet Pedicabs. The price tag is a little higher but the quality is much better. Looking back I would have traded low price for better quality. I would be more than happy to help those along that are considering starting a pedicab business here in Jax.

Anonymous said...

This same pedicab can be found on ebay for $300. comes unassembled but if you email the seller they'll send a pdf of the instructions to set it up

Jesse said...

Hey, My name is Jesse Duffie and I'm a native of Charleston, South Carolina. I am a recent graduate of The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina and am looking at starting a Pedicab business in Jacksonville Beach. They are a hit here in Charleston, its just we have 3 companies already. We all get along real well here, but I want to start a company somewhere else. If you know anyone that is selling Pedicabs please email me at [email protected]. Thanks bro

olivermellan.com said...

There is a pedicab company in my town, and I would like to work for it, but they require drug tests, background screening and finger prints to be taken. As well as monthly insurance and other strange fees. I did the math, and if i bought one of these bikes, could make it back pretty fast.

just wondering if there is any sort of legal issues about having a personal pedicab and just using it to make tips.