Monday, June 23, 2008

You are Here.

As I trolled through youtube I came across this is a video of traffic on Greenland Rd. at Sunset. As I watched this little clip I wondered if this was some kind of a metaphor for the end of car culture and suburbia. This is a very good example of where we in Jacksonville are in the way of multi-modal transportation or shared spaces. In this video you can make out the silhouette of construction barrels. As anyone who bikes, walks or drives, it is near impossible to travel anywhere within Jacksonville not have to deal with road construction and these barrels. You however will not see any cyclist, pedestrians or facilities for either in this video. Which is typical for Jacksonville and the reference, "You Are Here."

The below video of bike friendly cities is where we need to go. It is fairly long at 16 minutes. Take the time to give it a view. It has some great images and quotes like these listed below.

"If you can make a city move by bicycle, it will be more human."
"While cars separate people, bicycles bring us together. Bicycles help build up a much more integrated and friendly socitey."

So if we are to achieve becoming a cycling friendly city. How do we go about it? How do we even start given how ingrained our society and culture is in the car?



Anonymous said...

One of the things I noticed was the "cyclist's ed" in the elementary schools. We could start by making sure our schools are all bicycle friendly, and offer cycling safety courses of some sort. One thing that annoys me about Jax currently that makes little sense is that bikes are not allowed on the SkyWay. Is there a very good reason why this is?

Shek said...

I think it is a pain to commute anythwere in Jax because the main roads are the most bike unfriendly.
Bike lanes are for small roads. Major connections like Southside (Atlantic through Phillips), Beach Blvd and Atlantic Blvd need a bike highway. Stop widening lanes and make bicycle highways. If we preach on health benefits and gas independency, people will listen. Increase buses with bike racks and that should get more people going car-lite.

DogOnTheGrass said...

I made this video (Sunset Over Greenland Road) one evening whilst visiting my parents on vacation - the live in Mandarin. I live in England and am used to walking everywhere! So it was quite an ordeal for me to try to walk down Greenland Road to get to the bridge over the 95 to get the shot I wanted - because there is no sidewalk! And I felt like people thought I was an idiot for walking. America is not for pedestrians!

I don't own driving licence...

My parents have started cycling recently (for fun) - but they have to drive the bikes to somewhere where they can actually ride them! Kinda says it all!