Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jacksonville's Biking Past

During a late night/early morning conclusion to a Springfield Walking Cocktail Party while sitting on the porch of the Klutho House with other Riverside, Springfield and Downtown dwellers. The talked turned to why we choose to live where we do and why we work so hard to restore and maintain our homes. It was then that someone replied, "We do it because, whether we know it or it or not. We are the keepers of Jacksonville's history."

With permission from the the fantastic folks over at the Jacksonville Historical Society I would like to share a few pictures of our city's past. All these images can found within the pages of the Jacksonville Family Album. Click on the images for full size viewing.


While we of the urban core may indeed be the keepers of Jacksonville's history. Many of those same people have also taken on the role of instigator for Jacksonville's present and future. Visit the many forums and blogs listed on the left hand side of this blog and get to know and join the caretakers of our great city's past, present and future.

All of these images are copyright material of the Jacksonville Historical Society and may only be used with permission.



Bryan said...

Cool post.

Anonymous said...

People choose to live in the areas because they like them. You and your friends are not offering any service to jacksonville or to me by trying to restore that shithole of an area known as springfield. If you want to live there be my guest and have fun I just cant believe you really think you're preserving something. But go on and keep up the good work since what you're doing is working so well. Oh and I am an avid bike rider and I don't care about this place being friendly to me cause it never will be its us versus them and i wouldn't have it any other way.

ps. Keep making the sacrifice living in the slums for the rest of us.

Roadking said...

Tell us how ya really feel...LOL

Bike Jax said...

So Anonymous, let me see if I got this right.

You don't want the tickets for the home tours.