Monday, June 2, 2008

This Is What a Cycling Nightmare Looks Like.

At least two people were killed Sunday morning when Jesse Lopez, 29, drove a 1989 Gran Marquis into a group of cyclists racing the Bike Tour Matamoros-Playa Bagdad in Mexico. One of the two men killed was Alejandro Alvarez, 34, of Brownsville, Texas. The other name was not released. Lopez was driving drunk and under the influence of drugs, Matamoros newspapers reported in their Monday editions. Read the full story at the Brownsville Herald.

[Photo is a still from video via AP]
Story Via: Spoke-N-word

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Peter said...

this whole story is fishy. the crash happened sometime Sunday morning, and it didn't reach the US for 36 hours? even though the alleged perp and some of the victims were Americans?

the australia bike crash happened on the other side of the earth and we knew about it within hours.

maybe it's just mexico, or a weekend, but all today, Monday, there was complete radio silence on this - nothing. not a peep.

just very odd.