Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gas Savings Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much money you are saving by not driving your car? Thanks to the gang over at Commute By Bike you can now calculate your current or potential gas savings.

Look on the left hand side for the Gas Savings Calculator. Put in your numbers.
Calculate your savings and proudly wave it in your friends, family and coworkers faces and loudly vocalize, "Nana-Nana, Nu, Nu."



Shek said...

I save about $2 per day. Since I have been riding my bicycle for 24 days, the savings are around $50 but in reality, i changed my lifestyle by riding my bicycle to work and doing other errands.
I have not filled up gas in my car for 25 days now. I am planning this weekend to be car free. Before using my bicycle, I would fill up 7 to 10 gallons every weekend. So, in reality, my savings are $102!

sasquatch2 said...

I'm with ya shek! So go spend that dough on your new bike obsession... like I do.

The dude flipping off the gas prices... in front of his kid: tasteless! the little dude in the trailer has no helmet on: unforgivable!