Thursday, May 1, 2008

Zombie Bikes CO-OP Celebrates Grand Opening with 3 Day Event

Zombie bike Jacksonvilles first Bike Co-Op celebrates it's grand opening this weekend with a 3 day event aptly named Bury Your Bike.

Zombie Bike website description reads; "We are a group devoted to the advocacy of bikes. We believe that bike riding will save the world and that giving people a place in the community to learn to maintain there bikes will provide individuals a stronger connection to their bikes and allow them to have a sense of independence from cars."

This is a fantastic thing for the bike scene in Jax. The guys and gals over Zombie have been working their collective tails off to get this Co-Op up and running. As far as how everything runs at Zombie. I must admit that I have dropped the ball on getting that information. I have been swamped with my own work and have not had the time to get the information needed to answer questions about shop costs and structure.

Zombie Bikes is located at 1520 N Main St. in the heart of Springfield. Located in the same building as Burro Bags. In theory, you could walk into Zombie Bikes and build yourself a bike and ride out sporting your custom made Burro Bag.

I hope everyone of will makes plans to come out and support Zombie Bikes and the grand opening events this weekend. There is something for everyone. If you don't want to participate you can still drop by and enjoy watching the carnage.

Bury Your Bike kicks off Friday with registration at 5 PM at Zombie Bikes.

6 PM Tandem Relay
7 PM Critical Mass
8 PM BBQ & Ceremonies
9 PM Music at Shanty Town Pub


12 PM First Round Polo
1 PM BMX Dirt Jam
1 PM Tall Bike Build
3 PM Scavenger Hunt
5 PM Pizza Dance Party
8 PM Bands and Bike Games at Wild Bills Tavern (1746 Talleyrand Ave. (904) 355-4552)


2 PM Food Not Bombs at The Community Garden (Located behind The Pearl on 1st and Main)
3 PM Alley Cat
5 PM Closing

If you want to help out and are not sure how you can. You can start by donating any old bikes or parts you having laying around. Bike Jax will all the pictures you can handle of the weekends events.

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