Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 16th is Jacksonville Bike To Work Day

Even though our esteemed Governor decreed March as Bike Month in Florida. The rest of the nation celebrates bike month in May. And May 16th is the holy day of Bike Month. It's known as National Bike To Work Day. If you are reading this blog chances are good that you're already a member of the faith. So I won't waste time preaching to the choir about health benefits or fuel savings. If however you are new to Bike Jax or bike commuting or are just itching for some of that good ol' time religion. Check out this short and sweet little video from Mat Barlow, special projects coordinator for Bikes Belong.

Mat's Commute from Mat Barlow on Vimeo.

I know the vast majority of you are no longer working downtown. And if you are one of those that don't work downtown it would be great to see you participate. This is one of those rare opportunities when we cyclists have the attention of not just members of the city council, but also the mayor. And brothers and sisters I'm here to tell you that numbers speak volumes with these people. Would you like to live in a jacksonville with safe and secure bike lanes and segregated bike paths? Would you like to see your commutes made more convenient with companies and businesses providing better bike facilitates in the way of lockers, showers, and secure bike parking? 

The only way to make these things happen is to make yourself count and get involved. If you don't work downtown, let your employer know you'll be an hour or two late on Friday May 16th. Find the starting location nearest you listed below and get your butt in the saddle. Really, what better way than to start your Friday than to miss a couple hours of work, get to ride your bike and then munch on free food. That's gotta beat sitting in a cubical cussing at your computer.

Below is the information and Schedule on Bike To Work Day as provided by Miriam Gallet, General Director of the North Florida Bicycle Club.

"Greetings to All,

Great news. After my conversations with the Jax City Council president
and Councilman Don Redman, we are going to have our own Bicycle Day in
Jacksonville in conjunction with the National Bike to Work Day on May
Spearheaded by Councilman Don Redman, the council passed a resolution
proclaiming May 16 Jacksonville Bike to Work Day. The attached document
explains the three planned ride, all leading to Hemming Plaza, where
there will be an official ceremony attended by Mayor John Peyton and
other city officials and a continental breakfast. I sincerely encourage
all of you to participate in one of the three rides or at least, wear
your NFBC jersey at meet the rest of us at Hemming Plaza, directly
across from City Hall on May 16."

"Biking to work and school takes some planning and effort,
but once you get the hang of it you'll like it. On Friday May 16 an
organized group ride downtown will depart from 3 locations in
Jacksonville, Arlington, Mandarin, and Westside. Group rides will depart
at 7:00a.m. and arrive downtown at Hemming Plaza between 7:30 - 8:00
a.m. for a continental breakfast. Each group will be accompanied by
members of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, and will include a bicycle
shop van to transport rider's belongings. There will be no assistance
provided for return home trip.

There are three free bicycle commuting workshops being held Wednesday
May 14th from 6:00 to 7:00p.m at local bike shops. Champion Cycling will
host workshops in Arlington, [phone 724-4922], and Mandarin [phone
Lakeshore Schwinn, 000-0000 will host a Westside clinic. All bicycle
commuter workshops are free and open to the public.
Riders interested in acquiring their (BOB) Bicycles on Buses permit may
be interested in knowing that they are no longer required. However,
please visit JTA website for video instructions on how to use Bicycles
on Buses.

The current departure schedule for Friday May 16 is as follows:

ARLINGTON 7:05a.m. departure
Ride leaves Food Lion Shopping Center on Arlington Road, north of the
Arlington Expressway across from Champion Cycling and Fitness

Route: West in Arlington Expressway Service Rd, south on Cesery Blvd.
merge onto University Blvd. Turn right [west ]on Atlantic Blvd: north on
Kings Ave: west on Prudential Dr: north on Hendricks Ave west on Gulf Life Dr:
over Acosta Bridge: east on Water st : north on Hogan to Hemming Plaza.

SOUTHSIDE 6:50 a.m. departure
Ride leaves Mandarin K Mart at the intersection of San Jose Boulevard
and Old St Augustine Road.

Route: North on San Jose Boulevard: north on Hendricks Ave: west on
Gulf Life Dr: over Acosta Bridge: east on Water St: north on Hogan to
Hemming Plaza.

WESTSIDE 7:10a.m. departure
Ride leaves Publix Shopping Center next to Roosevelt Mall.

Route: North on St Johns Ave: west on King St: north on Riverside Ave:
east on Water St: north on Hogan to Hemming Plaza.

It would be great to see Springfield represent. Anyone want to step up and rep the core with place and time to meet?


North Florida Randonneurs said...

It would be nice to see the Northside put a ride together for this. I already told my boss yesterday I would be a couple of hours late that day...

Bike Jax said...

Hey NFR. Glad to hear you're already planing on participate in Bike To Work Day.

If you or someone you know of would like to head up a Northside Ride that would be great.

Let me know the meeting place and time of departure along with route so those on the way can join the ride. I will more than happy to add it and pass it along to the NFBC.