Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bike Stolen - 08 Giant STP Single-Speed

Ok gang here is an all points bulletin for an 08 Giant STP Single-Speed that went missing from in front of Zombie Bikes/Burro Bags yesterday (Wednesday).

Here is the email I received in part;
It happened yesterday,
April 30th, at Zombie Bikes. I leaned it up on the wall outside, as we
usually do, was gone for like 15 minutes and it was stolen. Horrible
decision on my part, but the boys at Burro were sitting inside, with
the door open probably no more than 20 feet away through the whole
ordeal. This guy was sneaky evidently. The second I got back and
noticed my bike was gone me and everyone there hoped on our bikes (I
had my fixed in the shop) and fanned out. Unfortunately, no luck. I
checked the pawn shops and Matt Bort notified local bike shops. The
second I got home I filed a police report. I live in Southside, but
I'm gonna try and head downtown once a day just to cruise around and
see if I see anyone on it. Now the worst part of it. I have no serial
number for it, I bought the bike from Bort like a month ago when he
still worked at Champion. Regardless of whether I get my bike back,
many lessons have been learned.

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This bike is less than month old. It should be pretty apparent if you see a homeless guy riding it through the urban core. If you have any information about the where about of this bike you can email that information to [email protected]

And once again: Lock'em up and take a few minutes and write down the serial numbers.


Matthew said...

Thanks for the help in advance everyone!

Jennifer McCharen said...

So I'm just thinking: it was cool for Philip to snatch my Schwinn from the thief in Hemming Plaza, but what's the best thing to do if you encounter a stolen bike? Call JSO? Follow the thief until they arrive? Is it okay in this instance to physically knock the person over (this is always what I imagine doing, but I doubt it's either legal or a good idea to act with physical violence when only a possession is at stake)...I'll be on the lookout. Check Hemming Plaza!

Bike Jax said...

Jennifer, I'm not even going to expose myself to any type of liability with any suggestions on how to handle a situation if one should come across someone's stolen bike.

I can only provide the information and way to contact the rightful owner. And to tell you the truth, I'm not sure how I would handle it if I did find myself in that situation. It would really depend on all the factors of situation. Who has the bike, the location of the bike, what are probabilities of physical conflict in this situation. If I do make an attempt to recover the bike and do not succeed. The bike may just end up at the bottom McCoy's Creek to never be seen again. Etc, etc.

I'll just leave it up everyones best judgement as to how to handle it.